Foot Scrub Cream

Derma – Clinic Foot Scrub Cream

Softer, smoother heels & feet in just few days!
Soothes cracked heels & soles!
Natural deodorant for feet!
Deep below skin’s surface!
Aid for the body’s natural healing process!

Five actions in just one formula

By: NEOSIL CBT 60: scrubbing granulates
To: removes dead skin cells through a massage effect.
Derma clinic Exfoliating Foot Scrub cream rapidly and effectively:

No More Dry, Cracked Feet Intensive Foot Cream is one of Derma-Clinic most prestigious and effective foot care products for dry cracked feet.
Developed with the most intensely dry and cracked skin in mind,
Derma-clinic foot care cream is designed to work quickly and effectively.
Use as directed and you will quickly see and feel the results of this amazing foot care product on your dry, damaged skin during few days.


Leave on cream with well massaging on affected skin ` area.

Derma Clinic Exfoliating Foot Scrub cream: 50gm