Hair Mask Cream

Hair-Clinic Hair Mask Cream

Vigorous care for damaged and brittle hair

  • Unique formula needed for hair rebuilding and promote hair growth.
  • Repairs damaged and brittle hair.
  • Restores healthy natural looking sheen to dull and chemically damaged hair.
  • Hair detangling agent by reducing statics to leaving hair more refreshed.
  • Hair relaxer agent for brittle hair, so it may be proceed to the desired hair style.
  • Moisturizing and protective agent, as water-resistant layer.
  • Smooth hair and reduced combing time on wet hair & Leaves hair more shine with
  • non-irritant agent to avoid any scalp irritations.
  • Protects & prevents split ends formation.
  • After shampooing apply on wet hair and leave on for three minutes then rinse thoroughly ,use once to twice weekly according to hair type.