Meki syrup

Composition :
Each 2.5 ml syrup contains:

Mequitazine ………………………….. 1.25 mg.


Mequitazine is histamine H1-receptor antagonist with lowersedative and central adrenergic effect than the other H1-receptorantagonists.
Sedation occurs only after doses exceeding 10 mg twice daily.

Indications :
Symptomatic treatment of :

– Allergic rhinitis ( seasonal or pereneal ).
– Allergic conjunctivitis.
– Urticaria, eczema, pruritus.
Dosage and administration :

Dose of mequitazine is weight dependent, the usual dose is1.25 mg mequitazine (equivalent to 2.5 ml syrup ) per 5 kgbody weight to be taken either as one dose daily or divided into2 doses, one in the morning and the other one in the evening.

Storage and presentation :

– A bottle of 60 ml.
– Store below 30• C protected from light in the original container.