Sun Clinic UVITINT SPF 50+

Tinted Sun Screen

(Light & Medium)


  • An optimal sun screen with Two-Tone Fit (Light & Medium)
  • New approach of Sun protection “with Iron oxides & pigmentary TiO2 (white) against Visible (blue) light”, to achieve maximum protection.

(According to J AM ACAD DERMATOL September 2022)

  • Is a tinted sunscreen that perfects the complexion full coverage while preventing photo-aging & hyperpigmentation with a sweat / water-resistant formula that doesn’t cause white cast.
  • Very effective sunscreen covering the whole UVA & UVB Range & visible blue light for protecting from sunburns & premature skin aging.
  • Provides a perfect tolerability for the most sensitive skin & maintains skin hydration.
  • Have a matte finish / non greasy, fast absorbing & suitable to use under makeup as a foundation.
  • Wide safety margin with non-polemical sun screen (as Oxybenzone or Avobenzone), excellent appearance and smell.




  • Apply a thin layer as a foundation and spread liberally on all exposed skin areas (face & neck).
  • Apply 20 –30 min. before Sun exposure.