Caveo – Hair fall control lotion (spray)

Caveo is a hair fall control lotion and hair growth promoter (50 ml) spray its components are very unique in the Egyptian market assembled in Borg pharmaceutical Ind. By imported components from several countries.

         Innovative Multi-functional, Anti-hair loss and Hair growth Promoter

  • Caveo guarantee a great hair reinforcement and protection from causes of the hair falling.
  • Caveo contributes on the hair follicle function improving by preventing DHT formation.
  • Caveo increases of the hair follicle proliferation by the hair metabolic functions improvement.
  • Caveo reduces premature hair loss and positively influences hair growth.
  • Caveo fulfills all scalp gaps with hair growth promoter agents to increase hair density & reduces hair loss.
  • Caveo makes hair look younger and healthier, due to its anti-aging properties.
  • Caveo reduces inflammatory reactions at scalp and leave hair free from any infection causes hair falling.
  • Caveo protects hair, strengthens and increases its resistance and elasticity.
  • Caveo conditioning, moisturizing and repairing of the damaged hair.

Develops a protective sleeve around the new hair, fortifies the hair roots & promotes hair growth.